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Winter - 2006

Manager's Report

The contract for the project to correct structural deficiencies at building 21 has been signed and work has been started.

There will be gutters and downspouts replaced at buildings 3, 11, 19 and 20 beginning October 1. The grass has not been cut between buildings 11 and 12 as the landscaper is allowing the new grass to mature. The grass has not grown as quickly as they expected. The landscapers are going to cut it next week and also over-seed the area again.

The new boilers in buildings 8 and 15 have been installed and were operable October 2.

PET WASTE POLLUTES OUR WATERS - What You Can Do To Help Protect Our Water

Clean and plentiful water is important to our families, our environment, our economy and our quality of life. Did you know that animal waste from pets can pollute our waters? When left on the ground, pet waste is washed by rain and melting snow and ice into storm drains that carry it to our rivers, lakes, the ocean and drinking water.

Animal waste contains a high concentration of nutrients as well as bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms that can cause problems. Pet owners must properly dispose of the waste by picking it up, wrapping it and either placing it in the trash or flushing it unwrapped down the toilet.




As we approach the end of the year, we’ll be looking for homeowners who are interested in running for the board. The government of Grandville falls on the five-member Board of Trustees and their operating committees. It’s a massive job and we need the help of interested homeowners. Target Property Management manages the day-by-day activities, but like any local or state government, we need participation by the people who are most affected by their decisions - - the homeowners.

Unfortunately, there has been very little support this year. Attendance by homeowners at our monthly meetings has been very low. In fact in many of our meetings this year there was no participation by homeowners - - that is, unless residents were unhappy with a board decision. When this occurred, the meeting room overflowed with residents complaining about the board’s actions.

Certainly, constructive criticism is a very positive activity in a community such as ours and any effort to change the way the board is conducting business is to be applauded.  But when it comes time to find homeowners to run for a position on the board or serve on a committee, there is little response. If nobody will accept this challenge, one must assume that the homeowners are satisfied with the direction the board is taking.

The board has been through a very trying couple of years. Bob Hearn has put in an inordinate amount of time with very little help dealing with the township and contractors to resolve our structural problems. Grace Carman, in addition to other projects, has kept tight control of our funds, making sure we get the most from our money in a period of skyrocketing costs. A grounds committee and a finance committee of homeowners with experience in these fields would certainly ease the burden of these two board members, but nobody has come forth.

From time to time the board has adopted certain rules based on the basic principles of condominium living - - courtesy, consideration and cooperation. These rules were formulated in an effort to ensure that, so far as possible, the activities of our residents will not be offensive to their neighbors. Importantly, the rules attempt to limit the range of activities only to the extent that safety and harmony are maintained and property values are protected. A rules and regulations committee, made up of interested homeowners would be very helpful to act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees.

So as we approach the end of the year and all homeowners receive an invitation to run for the board or volunteer for an operating committee we urge you to make a commitment. Only you can make a change. This is your community.


Around Grandville

Yes, we have finally started!!!! Structural repairs in building 21 are underway. Linden Oaks Builders of Lawrenceville started the 2nd week of October 2006. The residents of the building have been very accommodating and have helped the contractor by allowing timely access into units and removing items from the cages in the basement into the on-site storage containers that Grandville has provided. The construction is going well and we have caught some breaks in the main hot water lines that feed the heaters in each unit. We had allowed for these lines to be relocated, however, this will not be necessary in building 21. We have also found some pipes that were corroded and leaking that need to be replaced. Again, the board had allowed some money for this, even though the full extent of repairs would not be known until the gypsum wallboard  ceilings had been removed. We have also found out that the sewer pipes will have to be rerouted around the new supports and this will most likely be required in all buildings. We are unable to avoid the sewer pipes with the new structural framing and as stated they will have to be rerouted. It is very important that when the work on the sewer pipes is being done, no water be used and no one flushes the toilet. If, by chance, a toilet is flushed, the contents of the toilet will be spilled on the workers and the basement floor creating a problem and extra expense to the association along with some very unhappy workers.

The board is asking unit owners/occupants for their help. We will need occupants to remove any pictures from walls and any breakable items from shelves once construction starts in your building to avoid the possibility that items will fall and break.

You will be notified prior to the work starting in your building so you can help us with this issue.

The board at the November 2nd meeting approved another year of assessments. Payments will be the same amount as last time with payments due March 1, June 1 and September 1 of 2007. This assessment will raise approximately $528,000 to allow the continuation of the project. You will receive more information on this before any payments are due.

We thank you for your continued support.

We are also looking for Grandville homeowners who would like to be on the board next year. Interested people should contact Target Property Management.       

It’s time now to make sure your heating system is ready to go. For the benefit of new residents, each building has its own boiler. When the heat is turned on, hot water circulates to the individual units. This is why it’s important that both valves on your furnace are turned to the open position. The heating and air conditioning are on the same duct system in each unit, so your fan switch should also be turned on.  BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR FILTER REGULARLY. If you have any questions, please call Target Property Management.


WATER          $8,703.98

ELECTRIC          $4,703.36

GAS               $17,730.12


Salt buckets will be placed in front of units. Be sure to use them when ice forms on the porches and sidewalks.


It may seem a little early for Christmas notes, but please note the following in planning your Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Christmas lighting is not permitted at Grandville. This includes affixing lighting or decorations to the common elements. Lighting is permitted inside of windows. Wreaths are permitted on doors. As a safety precaution, be sure to check Christmas tree lights for frayed or worn wires before trimming.


‘Tis’the season already!  On November 29 head over to Hamilton’s historic Kuser Farm Mansion for the annual tree lighting ceremony. Even if you miss it that night, Winter Wonderland continues through December 2. Visit Santa in his workshop, enjoy music and food. 6:00 to 8:30 PM.


Hamilton residents at high risk of getting the flu should plan to make one of the scheduled dates for Hamilton’s annual free flu clinic. Those at the greatest risk from the flu are children above the age of six months, pregnant women, people 50 years of age and older and anyone with a chronic medical condition. According to the Township, vaccine is being shipped in lots from September through December, so the scheduled dates for the flu shot administration are subject to vaccine availability. For our area the scheduled date is November 28 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Nottingham Volunteer Fire Company. Residents can call the Hamilton Township Department of Health at 609-890-3884 with any questions.


Grandville Seniors

Our senior bus trips for 2006 started in April this year. It was decided to go to Atlantic City to see their shows. On April 4 we saw the musical “The Rat Pack.”  On May 30 we saw the musical “Best of Broadway.” August 1, we saw the musical, “Burn the Floor Dancers.”  On October 3 we saw the musical “Viva Casino.” On November 14 we will be going again, but the name of the show has not been released as yet.

Notices for the trips are delivered to the condos several weeks before the trip date. We usually go to the Tropicana Casino as it is the only casino that has matinee shows.

The yearly $10.00 Senior Club dues should be paid early in the year and made payable to “Grandville Seniors.”

Our annual Christmas dinner was held at Tiffany’s Restaurant last year. It is located on Route 33. Notices are delivered to your condo when a date is available. All seniors who attend will receive a Christmas gift.

Grandville seniors are invited to join our club. At the present time, we have 27 members. Several have not paid their dues as yet. The money will go toward our Christmas dinner party.

Thank you board members and volunteers for your service to our community.

Everyone enjoy the coming months. Stay healthy and most of all, love each other.

Unit 703



7             Schools Closed for All Students (Election Day)
               Entire Staff Reports - District In-Service
9-10       Schools Closed (NJEA Convention & Veteran's Day)
22           One Session day for All Students and Teaching Staff       
23,24      Schools Closed (Thanksgiving Recess)

22           One Session Day for all Students and Teaching Staff
25-29     Schools Closed (Winter Recess)

1             Schools Closed (Winter Recess)
15           Schools Closed (Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Observed)
23-39     One Session days for High School ONLY (9-12) Full Day for Staff

19           Schools Closed  (President's Day)
27-28     One Session days for Elementary Students ONLY (K-5) 
               Elementary Staff - 27th, Mar 1st  Evening Parent Teacher Conferences
               Elementary Staff - 28th, Mar 2nd Day Parent Teacher Conferences 

MARCH 2007
1-2         One Session days for Elementary Students ONLY (K-5) 
               Elementary Staff - 27th, Mar 1st  Evening Parent Teacher Conferences
               Elementary Staff - 28th, Mar 2nd Day Parent Teacher Conferences 
16           One Session Day for Middle School Students ONLY (6-8)
               Full Day for Staff

APRIL 2007
6-13       Schools Closed (Spring Recess) 


Winter Wonderland at Kuser Farm Park, Wednesday, November 29, 2006; Friday, December 1, 2006; Saturday, December 2, 2006; Visit Santa and his Workshop, Music, Food; 6:00PM – 8:30 PM


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